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Hello everybody,
here I have another supposed Soviet production for Italian market. There is not any evidence if these watches was produced under request of Italian importer (like Komandirskie Chrono, seems even assembled in Italy). But the packaging and the tags might lead to think it. Really there aren't many informations about W&CM watches.
Every further info is welcome!

Let's talk the pics.


What the boxes contains:

With crown at 2 o'clock:

Two black automatic:

In every box a gift of a bookmark with a legend of Cuman Sybilla, an ancient priestess, used to introduce a warning about environmental problems:

The text says like this (excuse me for poor English...) : "The legend says Sybilla offered nine books of prophecy to the seventh (and last) King of Rome, Tarquinio il Superbo. He refused due price too high. Sybilla burned out three books and offered six for same price. Tarquinio refused again, so her burned three more. Finally, Tarquinio, afraid, paid for only three books for the price of what would have been able to purchase nine. We are doing the same with natural environment. Could be tropical forest, or air we breathe, one day we will pay any asking price for what is left."
I hope will be understandable.:rodekaart If I wrote too much mistakes every correction is welcome!

Again regarding the environmental respect, an exortation to use mechanical wristwatches instead of quartz (here there is English translation!):

Instruction booklet:

The guarantee:

Unfortunately there isn't any trace about age of these watches. I tried to open the two automatic only: the movement is 2416 B marked SU. So, at least the movement could be Soviet Union age....

I repeat, it is ONLY my opinion the supposed Italian origin of these watches!
I hope more expert collectors will explain better!

Thank you for visit,

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OK, so where does all this leave this 'W&CM' Vostok watch from the late 1980s or maybe the earliest 90s, released before the fall of the empire? It is number 0311 on my website.

I have seen other examples of this dial in the same classic Vostok case, including a photo in one of Levenburg's catalogs.

I don't think it was made for the Italian market.

-- Mark
Hi Mark, thank you for your answer!
As I told many times, mine is supposition, there is not any evidence of it.

It is true, the packaging, tags, instructions are very well designed and realized, seems following an Italian taste...
Maybe you have seen other my topics about Soviet watches imported for Italian market: (maybe this really was made for Italian market!)

Then, it would be possible that even some samples went anywhere (from Italy? from USSR? who knows??).
I have seen on Ebay a lot of W & CM from Italy, many other from Germany, sometime from Ukraine with USSR guarantee booklet and usual Vostok plastic box... @Happyjaia, please, are you from one of these countries?
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