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I've got $500 to blow, Sumo or PMMM?

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I bet this has been beat to death and I apologize to add yet another thread to this topic but I really appreciate anyone who's willing to give me some advice.
I did do a search and spent a lot of time in some of the other threads and haven't seen this exact topic covered. Please direct me if it has!

I love the look of the MM300. I will never be able to afford a MM300. I have $500 to spend. So I'm looking at either getting an SKX that's been modded, or the Sumo. These are the two watches I feel will give me the most MM300 vibe on a budget, I've looked at the Tunas and that case shape is not for me, sorry. I love the Sumo's dial and I'm blown away that such a great dial could be had at that price, however the bezel, flat case shape and long lug size looks like it might be a turn off for me, but I can't know for sure because no dealer by me carries it, and it's impossible to get a sense of how it really looks on an arm because all the pics of it online are taken 4 inches away from the dial. (My wrist is 7.5" so I think I could pull it off, but just aesthetic wise it might be too much watch for my taste).

Whereas I love the case and shape of the SKX007, but not so much the dial. So a PMMM seems like the right choice, except with a PMMM I'm subject to the expertise of whoever did the mods which could've been done poorly and I'm likely going to lose the WR, am I right in assuming that?

So my questions are:
1. Are PMMMs I find on ebay and other places a safe bet or are there sketchy mods out there?
2. Is there a place online that sells professionally constructed PMMMs?
3. Does an SKX171 that's been modded lose it's 200m water resistance?
4. Can any Sumo owners here post pics of themselves with their Sumo's, but panned back a bit to see how it looks in relationship to a full arm/torso/body? My kingdom for a video of someone standing 20 feet away from the camera wearing a Sumo and just rotating around.

Appreciate the help!
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Whichever you choose I would recommend going original and not after market. If you want to do modifications to your watch do them afterwards, so you will know what you did and who made it. Buying a modded watch is a risk in my opinion.
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All this talk against the SKX... I think it is unfair. You can't compare a 200€ watch to a 600€ watch on equal terms. Of course the Sumo is better! But it is much pricier than the SKX too so it is expected to be better! Is it prettier though? Is its design more iconic? I don't think so. In my opinion the SKX is the best proportioned diver in the current regular Seiko lineup.

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You can pick up a sumo for $300us, not 600 pounds.

Its not just a small step up for that money either, its a huge step up.

Just my opinion that the sumo is a lot prettier, 3 times better finished, it just feels like a lot of substance in the hand the sumo, in comparison the SKX feels a bit toyish.

Ive no doubt youd feel exactly the same if you had the sumo in hand regardless of if you like its design more or less.
Here in Greece, the cheapest new Sumo I can find is 600€+. The cheapest SKX is 200€+.I am talking brand new from an AD. So, we are talking three times the price of an SKX. This is not a small step up in price, so it should be much better in quality! I am sure one can find both watches cheaper, but even at 150$ for an SKX and 350$for a Sumo, it still is more than double the money!

The only other Seiko that I owned is an Orange Monster 2nd gen. It is considered a better watch than the SKX, better movement and all, but in my opinion the SKX is much more balanced, pretty, and it has that Seiko DNA we all love so much. Some might feel it's cheap, I think it's great for what it is, a watch that I can wear 24/7 without worrying about anything! If money was not an issue maybe I would go for an SLA017, but for now my SKX is more than enough!

As to answer what the OP asked, go for whichever you like, just make sure to buy OEM, if you want to go after market, do it yourself!
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Yes but theres the internet which connects Greece with the rest of the world, you can be shopping anywhere in the world in the next 5 minutes, not sure why youre buying in Greece?

The monster isnt much better than the SKX to be fair, once you step up a level or two youll know exactly what im talking about.

Im giving advice as an owner of both watches.
I'm OCD with dial, chapter ring and bezel alignment. I also want to check that the hands and day/date window all line up perfectly. So, as you understand, the only way to go is a physical shop, so I can inspect the watch in the metal before buying!
Get the store to send you a pic of the watch they are sending.

Understand you wanting good alignment but there are ways of getting better aligned ones, like send a note when buying and check pics.

1/4 of a mm isnt worth double the price of the watch.

I understand it can be frustrating though, seiko need to up their QC game.
Probably you are right, but I wouldn't trust a picture, I want to handle the thing before I put my money on the table, I'm not saying this is the right way, it's just me!
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