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Read this on German Watchtime magazine site. It is in German so I used Google translate:

Stowa Managing Director Jörg Schauer comments on the Apple Watch Mr. Schauer, the sale price of your watch starts at 570 euros. See the Smart Watch from Apple as competition for your business?

Jörg Schauer: Presented on Tuesday Apple Watch is carefully designed, the materials and the design speak for the high standard that Apple is able at any time to implement. However, since the fundamental innovations are missing, you will be an "accessory" mainly for iPhone owners. Have mandatory, must not they so (yet).

I am myself for more than 20 years of absolute Apple fan and have always bought the previous news including iPhone and iPad instantly. When Apple Watch I can only wait once and see if the technology is already at the level to permanently provide the performance you expect from her. A danger for watch manufacturer of mechanical watches, I do not see at the moment, because we have certainly seen with the Apple Watch a highlight or the benchmark in the electronic field for the next one to two years.

But I must admit, I find the absolutely great customization options, as can already one or the other can be drawn "classic" oriented watch buyers on the side of Apple. This feature is definitely for many watch manufacturers a scale, and that this belt change mechanism comes from an industry newcomer, speaks volumes. In the field of sports watches Watch the Apple will be a possible alternative to some on the market sports watches Swiss manufacturer. There, the new available technical features could provide an incentive to buy. Thank you for your statement.

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