In a quiet pre-Christmas news week, controversial watch blogger James ‘Tempus Fugit’ Henderson has established the League of Extraordinary Bloggers on Facebook, but just hours after the group has been founded, reports are emerging as to the possible reason for his ‘extraordinary’ decision to start it. He is to host his own prime time game show in the new year. Called ‘What’s My Watch!’contestants score points by being the first to identify watch brands, with big cash prizes going to those who can identify the actual model.

Henderson has long coveted the opportunity to become a game show host, and this could see him hand Tempus Fugit responsibilities over to the Associate Editor, otherwise known as his cat. It is believed to be the Associate Editor who suggested ‘recruiting’ extra writing talent to help while James is busy lensing back to back editions of his new show in Preoria.

Commenting on the rumors, the Associate Editor said today:
“Yuup, this is a full-blown mid-life crisis that will be played out in front of millions – or let’s be realistic - a few hundred – channel hopping chumps. Back when the world was young James’ Geography Teacher said he should be a game show host. He planted the seed and now look at it. It’s sprouted like Japanese knotweed.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Henderson has let it be known that he hasn’t been this happy since he let an endangered white rhino loose in his neighbors back yard. In recent pre-screen rehearsals for ‘What’s My Watch!’ he remained unphased when he was unable to identify 7 out of 10 watches shown to him, even though two of them were his own. Brushing it off he simply remarked “It’s amazing what you can do with cue cards these days. I’m already working on a signature catchphrase and looking for a loud sports coat.”

Last week when Mr. Henderson was asked to produce a pilot, there were non-plussed faces in the boardroom when he simply pulled back his shirt sleeve to reveal a Stowa Flieger 40 Klassik Ikarus. Turns out that wasn’t the type of pilot they had in mind.

Hublot MP05 La Ferrari:...'tasteful'

“Never mind the Stowa” said Henderson, “I’ll be Hublot Big Banging it for Christmas…I may even stretch to the MP05 La Ferrari. Now that is tasteful.”

With the inauguration of the Extraordinary League of Bloggers, normally hard-nosed watch journos are charmed and honored to be invited. It remains to be seen how charmed they will be when the Associate Editor leans on them for pro-bono editorial.

“This is a group you can check out of any time, but you can never leave” the Breitling loving cat commented.

Wow. Cue the guitar solo.