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At its Baselworld debut, JEANRICHARD took the opportunity at a press conference to communicate the brand’s revived spirit and to present two new collections. Star billing went to the Aeroscope and its godfather, the famous Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the “hero of the Hudson River”.

“Our brand is in the midst of a comeback, so it’s my great pleasure to share this turning-point with you”, said Bruno Grande, COO of JEANRICHARD, at the booth in the prestigious Hall 1.0. “We have decided to breathe new life into the brand, new vigor, new dynamics, while remaining true to the spirit of the founder,” he continued, a reference to Daniel Jeanrichard, the legendary figure of the late 17th century who became known as the “founder of the watchmaking industry in Neuchâtel”. The brand can count on some impressive support for its future development. The Kering Group (formerly PPR) became the majority shareholder of Sowind Group, which owns the brand.

The first mission was to re-define the spirit of JEANRICHARD. “Rather than speak about ourselves, we decided to speak about our clients, about the individuals for whom our watches are designed, and about our ‘philosophy of life’. JEANRICHARD watches reflect the art of life as a whole. They have been conceived for those who turn each day, each hour, each moment into a new journey. JEANRICHARD time is one of discovery, of exploration and freedom. It is a time of happiness and personal accomplishment.

To reinforce the brand identity, JEANRICHARD alsoredesigned its timepieces from scratch. The aim was tocreate an iconic, emblematic model that would be instantly recognizable.

This gave rise to the their new cushion-shaped case with a round bezel.Not only is the look original, but its sophisticated construction allows foruse of different materials and finishings.

In addition, the JEANRICHARD portfolio has been organized intofour collections equipped with automatic movements and in amore accessible price category. The first two collections, launchedin early 2013, were the Terrascope and the 1681 – a contemporaryreinterpretation of a traditional timepiece running with the manufacturecaliber JR1000.

At Baselworld, JEANRICHARD unveiled two of its latest collections:the Aquascope, conceived for those moments of fulfillment on and inthe water, and the Aeroscope, a tribute to the conquering of the skies.

For its own first flight, as it were, the Aeroscope found a specialgodfather, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. An experiencedpilot, he made history on January 15, 2009, when he ditched thefailing Airbus A320 he was piloting into the Hudson River in NewYork City, saving the lives of 155 people on board. This heroic feat,which is infused with his level-headedness and composure, illustratesthe philosophy and values that have always guided him and serve asinspiration for JEANRICHARD.

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At the JEANRICHARD Baselworld press conference, Captain Chelsey“Sully” Sullenberger stressed how precious time really is. Heembodies the fact that each individual, given willpower, audacity, orcourage, is able to accomplish the greatest exploits.

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