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JLC Richemont Texas Service Center

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Well, nothing new ... I am not a hater, consider this as a watch community service, but the service for JLC US costumers is not right. It's not possible consider this luxury watchmaking. This is my history. I got from the Beverly Hills Boutique a Geophysic 1958 , I love my watch but after some years started to gain more than 40 seconds a day, nothing rare , I send it for service trough my AD. They sent the watch to the infamous Richemont Service facility in Texas. My watch returned gaining 30 seconds a day and polished (I did not ask for that) in a very crude way, they ruined the case. I sent the watch again because I was not happy with the accuracy of a supposed chronometer watch. The watch returned gaining again 30 sec a day and then suddenly stopped to work. I sent the watch (third time) asking in a polite way to avoid the Richemont US facility, contacting a concierge and requesting to send the watch to Switzerland for proper service, regardless the fee... they told me that they will send the watch to the "Grande Mansion" for service ... the watch returned again from the Richemont Texas facility and just worked 2 days before stopped again ...
Guys , avoid this brand, this is not what used to be , get a Rolex or a Grand Seiko and be happy.
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My experience with the Dallas center (older Heraion and Gran Sport) have been excellent - no plans to change anything.
Same here, I recently sent in my Master Control Calendar for service. It was running a bit fast and the hour hand was slipping. The TX SC repaired the watch in 5 weeks and returned it to me in excellent condition. It is now running +.5 seconds a day, which is beyond my expectations for a watch with this many complications. Sorry the OP had a bad experience, but I am not sure the TX SC is to blame.
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