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Jour et Nuit (Day and Night) complications

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I've recently caught a glimpse of a few watches featuring the Jour et Nuit (Day and Night) complication. I think it makes for a really unique and appealing dial layout, so I've decided I should add one to my collection. Because of the fairly unique aspect of it, it's not a style that you see on many watches that aren't high-end.

The question is - should I save a bit, and go high end, or should I let this Maurice Lacroix satisfy the craving?

The only three watches I've found with this complication are Svend Andersen, Cartier, and Maurice Lacroix (Masterpiece line):


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I know that these watches will have movements that are in completely different leagues, underneath all the finishing and decoration. The Svend uses a Blancpain movement, while the ML uses a UNITAS that has been extensively modified in-house. The Svend and Cartier both feature jumping hour hands, while the ML does not.

Here's some movement pictures - first the Svend, then the ML:


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b-) Checkout the Sothis - Horus.
It's a really nice watch - but unfortunately the chronograph function makes it a little bit too think for me at 13.9 mm - I think the other watches in this thread are somewhere under 10.
If budget is your concerned, get the ML. I have the exact same watch and it's a joy to watch the transgression from day to night. ML built quality is top notch for the money.
It depends on how much emphasis you place on the movement.'
You can't beat that BlancpaiN movement.
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