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Was looking at a bunch of winders varying from some cheapos from ebay to some of the more expensive offerings from Orbita. I really liked the ones offered by Brookstone and Wolf Design, but Orbita just had too strong of a record in quality winders.

I also love their Sparta series and their winding mechanism. The Sparta Mini was just at a good enough price for me to grab one. Although Orbita released the mini to be a ladies watch winder, it seems to handle my Breitling Montbrillant Legende just fine. And at 47mm, it's nowhere close to a ladies watch.

Keeps it nicely wound and I don't have to worry about turns per day or clockwise vs. counter-clockwise. Really gentle winder, takes about 4 minutes to load up and then it lets gravity do the rest. Then starts all over in 10 minutes. Absolutely silent. And comes with a 5 year warranty too! No worries about this one crapping out in 6 months.

Here is the video I made (you can skip to about the 4 minute mark to really see how it works):
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