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Just wanted to share-OWC content

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I've received the OWC 9411 about 1 wk ago and have to say its an outstanding piece. I talked with Dan and was asking about the styles and the wait times and happened to ask if he by chance had any "laying around". And guess what? This was a special piece that he was working on to see what it looked like. A 9411 blue dial/black bezel set up with 5517 hands. It really is a great watch. I typically dont post many comments about watches but felt like I should with this one. I wont go into details as there are several reviews written much better than I could articulate it but I wanted to share some pics of this beauty. Although I will say that over the past wk its averaging about -2 sec/day. I've been trying them on different straps in preparation for a trip to the Florida Keys in a couple weeks. I love the OEM bracelet and I have the mesh as well and those are great fits, but always have to try some new things too. So feel free to make more suggestions and add your own pics of your OWCs. Sorry for the rambling and on to a few pics.
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Right on for throwing up your thoughts and the different straps.
Such a beautiful watch. Is the Lug to lug actually 51mm from pin to pin or is that tip to tip? I'm just slightly nervous due to having 6.5in wrists. 51mm lug to lug is long for little wrists like mine.

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I was in the same boat. The curved lugs play a big role in fitting small wrists. You should be fine.
Real nice pics. I found the extra mini links included to be damn effective.
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I don't own one of these yet but when I had an SMP the half links were wonderful.

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Even more so better that all links on the bracelet are removable on the OWC. Right on.
Damn this piece has a rich dial.
6 Months in and still waiting for mine, tough going (from a daft WIS point of view).

Dan has told me its going to be in the next month or so, theres a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel !
Man, he must really be powering through.
Saw the recent New Letter with the rash of PC issues he's been having.
I hear ya on the wait time.
Yup - this watch with the Seagull will be a STEAL. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a helluva deal with the Soprod. I ordered a 5517-DO with Seagull, switched that to a blue on blue Seagull-DO and then jumped when someone else backed out on their Soprod A10 spot in December. I received my build ready notice May 01, 2014 but opted to wait for the Soprod datewheel (white numbers on blue background) and received the watch in July. Stunning, stunning, stunning... I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to get a 5517 with the Seagull movement. Can't decide if I want the date option or not, though...
Im struggling with this (soprod movement) vs a mkii red triangle nassau.
That kingston n-glit is a fierce piece. If and WHEN i snatch one of those-I'd be content with that as my single mkii piece.
Right on for the pics.
In my opinion if as your signature suggests you already have/ordered OWC MS-9411 then go for the MkII Nassau. With those 2 and your Pelagos, 2 x PO and the Korsbek that would be an awesome dive watch stable !!
I hear ya. I've got the nassau on my list for the 2015 purchase.
But I know if that kingston ever pops up, i'll want that too!
Right on.
I was on the waiting list for a Nassau but cancelled my order due to lack of communication of their part when the dated Nassau was launched. This prompted me to hunt for a red triangle date version on the used market. They will eventually, just have to be patient.
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Same here. Just watching the markets. These damn pieces (kingston) fetch a price when they pop up.
I'm curious to see some actual hands on of the 369 as well.
However, I'm fighting an internal self imposed rule of no further pieces until I snatch the SD4000 into the rotation.
My ETA for 369 is about a month out. Think there are about 10-20ish people who will get one before me. I'll be sure to post pics in mkii sub when I get it though.
Right on and looking forward to the pics droppin.
Ah yeah. The OWC Core is growing.
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No doubt...I have even asked Dan to put in line for the BT/Black Tie. And who knows when this one will be ready, but I am willing to wait, much like I did for my snowflake. The Black Tie will be Dan's Explorer 1 homage...the MKII Vantage will probably never make another appearance and I like Dan's ideas on his upgraded version.
Right on. I'm on the "high interest" list for a few of his upcoming pieces.
Dan also has a 6538 homage (big crown Bond Submariner without crown guards) coming out. This will be his take on the same watch referenced by Bill Yao wnth the Kingston... OWC is going to cost me some money in the coming months and years...
Exactly what I was referring to!
I missed the in on the Kingston, but that ain't gona happen with this piece.
Would you really want a OWC 6538 Homage with Mercedes hands if you already have a MkII Kingston ? I rate both brands very very highly, but I don't think i could own both without thinking "why?"
WIS for life. haha.
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Real sweet looking pics. That dial just screams at ya.
Glad to hear you're up on the build/delivery
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Got an ETA on yours Knoc ?
Still dark on my side. No rush from my end though.
Middle of consolidating my collection.
ah yeah!
Glad to hear the piece is in hand.
Dan should get you sorted out if you go that route.
Right on.
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