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Just wanted to share-OWC content

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I've received the OWC 9411 about 1 wk ago and have to say its an outstanding piece. I talked with Dan and was asking about the styles and the wait times and happened to ask if he by chance had any "laying around". And guess what? This was a special piece that he was working on to see what it looked like. A 9411 blue dial/black bezel set up with 5517 hands. It really is a great watch. I typically dont post many comments about watches but felt like I should with this one. I wont go into details as there are several reviews written much better than I could articulate it but I wanted to share some pics of this beauty. Although I will say that over the past wk its averaging about -2 sec/day. I've been trying them on different straps in preparation for a trip to the Florida Keys in a couple weeks. I love the OEM bracelet and I have the mesh as well and those are great fits, but always have to try some new things too. So feel free to make more suggestions and add your own pics of your OWCs. Sorry for the rambling and on to a few pics.
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Great piece.

Every new OWC thread I see is like another dagger in my heart as I wait (Im)patiently for mine.
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Pictures always help !!!

Is it a new acquisition ?
As long as you are prepared to wait (and wait) then you will end up with a cracker. I'm 5 months in, hopefully get some good news soon
Cant wait for mine, although the wait is frustrating. But i know ill get a top quality piece when i get it.

Anyone with a recent order care to share what Invoice number/order number they were ? Mine is 600, might give me some idea whereabouts he is???
I'm struggling with Dan and OWC at the moment. I'm not going to cancel my order, no way, because I know the product I end up with will be great quality, I'm only 5 months in so I can't really complain to be honest ( and remember you don't put any money down at all)

I speak to Dan about every couple of weeks to get updates/chat, I don't think he's done much in the way of building watches in the last 6 weeks or so, as a result he's not stuck to several things he's told me. Its quite frustrating but its the great pictures on here that let me know it is worth the wait and keep me going.

(but the benefit is how many companies would freely discuss their products and problems so openly?)

Anyway, keep those pictures coming guys, they keep me sane ......
6 Months in and still waiting for mine, tough going (from a daft WIS point of view).

Dan has told me its going to be in the next month or so, theres a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel !
Yeah, he said a "month or so" then a week later I got the PC issues email. So i'm not hopeful on the month, and think the "or so" will be longer than i'd like it to be !!
Great (but torturous) pictures.
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Pretty excited, just got build confirmation on mine! Should be joining the ranks of torturer instead of tortured soon! :) Thanks to all for posting pics, great to see how well they've been turning out.
Another one, god dammit !!! I long for a build notification email !! Seriously, congrats.

When did you order yours if you don't mind me asking? Hopefully I won't be too far after you
Dan really knocked it out of the park on the 2nd Generation. It looks far more substantial and the changes he made to the Bezel and compressor case are outstanding
Im struggling with this (soprod movement) vs a mkii red triangle nassau.
In my opinion if as your signature suggests you already have/ordered OWC MS-9411 then go for the MkII Nassau. With those 2 and your Pelagos, 2 x PO and the Korsbek that would be an awesome dive watch stable !!
I'm currently over 6 months now, hoping its going to be in the next 4-6 weeks but I have not been given any specific date yet
Did you order one with an a10?

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Would you really want a OWC 6538 Homage with Mercedes hands if you already have a MkII Kingston ? I rate both brands very very highly, but I don't think i could own both without thinking "why?"
I'm Glad I ordered the version without faux patina and went for the standard C3 lume on the dial.
Very nice indeed, the dial looks great.

When did you order yours?
OWC is now paid for and ships out on 10th October! 8mths by the time i receive it, looks great on the pictures Dan sent me.

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