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I bought a Rolex Datejust from a few days ago. I contacted them Saturday with a couple of vetting questions. I got an courteous and thorough response almost immediately. They were willing to work with me on the price through payment options, box options and an option to buy back unneeded bracelet links, (though I didn't take any of the options; I wanted the whole schmeer.)

I had been looking at Datejusts all over the net, ranging from trustworthy ebay sellers, to other known good Rolex resellers.

We went back and forth via email a few times Saturday. They were working hard to address all my concerns and earn the sale. I remembered the adage "buy the seller" and decided to go with it. This is the kind of business I want to support.

I paid by credit card (earned some points, rather than have the discount) they shipped it out Sunday, and I got it Tuesday afternoon, Express Mail. It would have been even faster, if shipped during the week.

When I got the watch, it was exactly as described, and as depicted with their excellent photos. They made a point to mark up some photos to indicate the (minor) flaws, which are not always apparent in photos. When I got the watch, I could not see most of the flaws with the naked eye; a loupe was required. This is just as it should be, none of this funny business with hiding flaws with poorly-lit and out-of-focus cell phone photos.

In short, I would highly recommend them as a trusted seller.
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