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Key West Pictures

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Let's post these beauties here.
The more the better!

Thanks for all contributions.

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nice NATO! Where is it from?
Cincy Strap Works 'Essex' Bond nato. Looks like they are out of stock at this time. It is a really lovely strap.
OK, sorry all, I have been very busy at work and at home. I have been wearing my Timex Atlantis a lot lately for various reasons. I changed back to the Kingston for a few days and now am wearing the Blanca Key West again. When I put it back on I appreciated it more than before. It really is a good watch. I snapped these last month:

Will try to get more soon.
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Someday I will actually get my pilot's license, or does the white dial mean I am just a manager?
I can fly any plane. It is the landings that I dread.
Took these yesterday in extremely bright sunlight. They look a little washed out and I am not sure why.

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It is hard for me to take pictures in the bright sunlight because I cannot see my phone's screen. Took half a dozen pics and this is the best one.

But sometimes this is all you get in the bright sun with the white Key West. A flip of the wrist will help a lot.

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:think: I was looking through the photos I have taken of my Key West.....

I had mentioned that I had seen a 'shimmering' effect with my eye that I had not been able to capture yet with the camera...

See the texture on the surface of the dial?

Kind of a 'pebbly' looking effect - Could this be a reason for the 'shimmer' that appears, and the 'absolutely-flat, no-reflection' qualities?

View attachment 9253394

And in this next shot, look at the end of the second-hand and the bezel around the date window....See the surface texture there?

The real 'takeaway' is the appearance of the minute track at 'twenty after' and the way the gold-plated portion reflects and diffuses the light....

See it?

View attachment 9253402

And, a 'quasi-Lume' shot.... heh heh heh ;-)

View attachment 9253410

Have a Great Day....


p.s. - Keep the photos coming.... :think:
The pic quality has stepped up. Thank you for capturing the white dial and what I call the pearlescent effect on the dial. Also I LOVE the look of the 'quasi-Lume' when the lume is charged enough to show but you can clearly see the dial as well.

The white dial has definitely grown more on me over time. Also one of my friends at work who could care less about the Kingston commented on the white Key West when he saw it and really liked it.
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When I read your first post I was skeptical of this setup but seeing it I am a bit jealous. Fantastic choice!
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