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Key West Pictures

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Let's post these beauties here.
The more the better!

Thanks for all contributions.

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You beat me to it !!!

Great idea !!!


Let's post these beauties here.
The more the better!

Thanks for all contributions.

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Overcast days are the best for gilt photography my good fiend!!!

Even on an overcast day, the gilt can shine!

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Freakintastic my good friend!!! Wow !!! Very nice shots, perhaps the best ones so far of the white dial !

Now, go to sleep! ;-)
:) My Key West arrived the day before yesterday. I have been busier lately than I want to be, and so only have had time for some quick snaps with my cell phone..... The darn 'Senior Citizen white cat' (she's old enough to vote!) woke me up to feed her, so I'm up (It's 0330)...So, I'll share.... :-x

:think: What I have learned about this, is that the matte white dial really soaks up and reflects the light or the color of the sky, and it can be hard to get a photo under some direct lighting that really shows the watch as I 'really' see it. Usually, the green in the C3 lume is 'enhanced' or exagerated, and so, looks much more 'vile green' in the photos than it appears to in actuality- (Is that even a word???) ;-)

Anyway.... here we go....

View attachment 9209858

See....Under the blue light of evening here (blue sky above). See the blue cast that appears on the dial? Because that dial is so matte white, it can be challenging to get the right exposure balance so all the colors in the photo appear 'natural' or as you see them with your eye.

View attachment 9209874

View attachment 9209882

View attachment 9209898

The next series is taken inside in natural, indirect light, reflected and streaming through a window from outside.

View attachment 9209906

View attachment 9209914

The 'Details' -- look at that perfect picture frame or bezel formed around the date window? It really caught my eye... Perfect!

View attachment 9209922

View attachment 9209930

View attachment 9209938

And you can still see that the gilt on this matte white dial will still dance with the light... ;-)

View attachment 9209946

View attachment 9209970
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No worries... OCM didn't even noticed my compliments... Yours rock too !!!

That hurts ......

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What a great shot... Watch... Bracelet... Friend...


I am MKII-less... Gone and for sure , NEVER, forgotten.

IG: th3measure
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