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I refuse/don't/can't believe that there is no one out there with some info about Kommandirskie!
What info do you expect?

The Komandirskie is a proliferous model family of the Vostok Chistopol factory.
It has its own case design(s) and most (the bezel models) make use of some of the sealing designed for the Amphibian family.
Sóme models were made on order for the military; the 3aka3 (zakaz) identified dials. Those come in several case designs with or without bezel, even guilded in various weights.
Usually with the crown on 3 o´clock but 2 and 4 too.
I beleive that about the only common feature is that they all have a date window :)
The rest is pretty much run of the mill Vostok; soviet, transition, neo-russian.


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And of course Wikipedia could tell:
Vostok watches - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Specially for your specimen - it have seen a lot during it's life. Was probably worn by a person, who sweats a lot, because the plating is completely worn off. The crown looks better than the rest of the watch, which means it was probably changed (Komandirskie in contrary to Amphibia uses chrome plated case, instead of stainless steel). At the other side, the crown looks original for the model, so it's ok. The second hand was changes as well - this one is from Vostok Amphibia (still Vostok). The dial signature could be:
Заказ МО СССР - issued for military personnel;
Сделано в СССР - late 80-ties till 1992 for this particular model;
Сделано в России - after, say, 1994;
or nothing - between USSR and Russia, normally 1992, 1993. Yours seems to be from this period. About the case model, you can refer to this thread.
The movement is most likely Vostok 2414. Here some info about the servicing of this movement.
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