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i recently purchased an orbita siena watch winder and am very happy with it. however, my wife decided to help herself to the unit so i'm in the market for another.

i recently came across this swiss watch winder called kubik ( that's very cool. whereas my orbita is programmable via dip switch settings, the kubik is programmable via a personal computer (it comes with a special usb cable). what really caught my attn was a limited edition andy warhol "pop artist" series (i.e., marilyn monroe, james dean, etc). the kubik only runs on 2 standard off the shelf "c" batteries that they say will last three (3) years. they claim the extended life is as a result of the efficiency of the unit.

as i'm not familiar with kubik winders ... does anyone have anything to share on kubic - good or bad? it appears similar in design to another winder on the market called rotolution ( come to think of it the rotolution appears pretty cool too though no andy warhol licensing!!!


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