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I was fortunate enough to spend about a month with two beautiful blue watches (Laco Augsburg and Laco Münster) from the Laco catalog. My plan was to make a detailed comparison between the Original Series ($1190 - more historically accurate flieger designs, with better movements) and the Basic Series ($400 - modernized fliegers, entry level movements and more affordable). Here are some of my thoughts:

Comparison Video:

Detailed Write-up:

A quick summary:

1. Basic vs Original:

The original series has retained a lot of the original flieger design specifications - lugs, caseback, dial layout. The basic series have taken more creative liberties and added a bit more flare to the watches with curved lugs, a brand logo and an exhibition caseback.

2. Case:

The quality of finishing on both cases are surprisingly identical. The materials are media blasted with different media (according to Laco), but I couldn't really tell the difference. The Münster feels a bit heavier, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to the case. The case designs are quite different, with curved lugs on the Augsburg instead of straight lugs on the Münster. There's also an exhibition caseback on the Augsburg, whereas the Münster has the flieger 'certificate' engraved on the back, along with the flieger serial number engraved on the sides. The quality of the crystal on the Münster appears to be of a better quality than the Augsburg. The crowns are different too, and I prefer the conical crown on the Münster. It's larger, and feels a bit more authentic.

3. Dial:

The base dial, hour markers and finishing are almost identical. This caught me by surprise because I was expecting the Augsburg to be a little more unrefined up close. But the dial on the Augsburg is gorgeous, and excellently finished. The hands on the Augsburg are not thermally blued like on the Münster, but that's not a surprise considering the price difference. They're both Type A dials, but the Augsburg has a logo and 'Made in Germany' at the 6 o'clock, which makes it less of an 'authentic flieger'.

4. Lume:

The Augsburg (left) and Münster (right) are nearly identical, but the Augsburg might actually win this round by a tiny margin. It seems to be just a little brighter.

5. Movement:

Things obviously part ways here, with the Münster's ETA2892-2 elabore averaging at roughly +2 spd, and the Augsburg's Miyota 821A at roughly -18 spd.

6. Wrist Shots:
On my 6.25" wrist, the 39mm Augsburg might look just a little more well proportioned compared to the 42mm Münster, but I enjoyed wearing the Münster a bit more than I did the Augsburg.

Thanks for reading/watching. I'm happy to discuss these watches further here.

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