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Leather Strap + Alcohol Hand Sanitizer?

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I mostly wear watches with metal bracelets. However, I recently bought a nice Victorinox with a leather band. I'm also a borderline germ-aphob that uses hand sanitizer quite frequently.

Is there any reason to be concerned that the hand sanitizer could damage the leather? Just curious, my concern is very small. Anyone had an issue?
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As long as you let it evaporate after applying it, and not really come in contact with the strap, you should be fine.
Those sanitizers that use alcohol can discolor leather. Other sanitizers use iodine and chlorine, both of which are bleaching agents used in the leather industry. That said, I'd think their use would be okay as long as you didn't get too carried away.
Over time, hand sanitizer will likely dry out and crack the leather, causing permanent damage.
Anything alcohol based is not good.. The alcohol will dry the leather out quite quickly and it can ruin the color/dyes used. I'd just be sure not to get any on the band.
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