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Let's see your WINDERS!

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So I have to admit. My wife finally got me a Birthday gift that I REALLY like!!!!

Six watch winder plus storage for six more. Absolutely love it.

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Post Script..... I didn't know until just now that you can't post videos on WUS?
Sure! She got a KILLER deal.. only $200. I guess it's permitted to share the Amazon link so it's below? Admins if not allowed please delete.

ARCTICSCORPION Watch Winder for 12 Storages, Wood Shell Piano Paint Exterior and Extremely Silent Motor, with Soft Flexible Watch Pillow, Built-in Illumination
i go back and forth between winders. I have a Wolf double and a Wolf single. they are silent as a mouse and function flawlessly. but no watch keeps perfect time so you end up resetting the watch anyway when you pick one to wear (at least i do) and it also increases the wear and tear on watches that are not worn regularly (which if you own 20+ watches means most of them). so 🤷:
I also have a Wolf single winder. I got it for free with a Deep Blue Fleet Admiral a few years ago. The problem with that is, I have a problem. An addiction if you will. And one slot winder won't cut it. I only used to keep my Omega Seamaster in that one. Funny thing now is I don't even have it in a winder at all! I only bust it out on special occasions!
that said i currently have two on the double Wolf winder lol
Please disregard how dirty it is. I just moved about a month ago and dragged this out of a box in the closet LOL
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I have two winders, both ultra cheap, functional, and also quiet. My first one was a two bay, which I outgrew - now using a 6 bay winder. Each watch can indiviually be programed for direction and number of turns. From Amazon:

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Brother that is nice! Especially for only $299! Very tempting to not go ahead and grab that one too!
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