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A heartfelt thanks to all who have traded with me throughout the years, those transactions have always been pleasurable specifically because of all the nice people involved! I decided to make one long post with some of the feedback that I got since 2007, both as seller and as buyer (please note that not all traders posted feedback).

So here it goes:

CanWatchCo (needs registration):
  • one (thanks JUSTINTIME!)
  • two (thanks TZARBORIS!)
  • three (thanks REDDOG!)
  • four (thanks TZARBORIS again!)
  • five (thanks TAXKING1!)
  • six (thanks VELOMANE!)
Reddit (on Reddit my username is XaltotunTheUndead):
  • one (thanks THEFINN88!)
  • two (thanks GLASSJAWTX!)
  • three (thanks WOOP_DEE_DOO_BASIL!)
  • four (thanks DODD10X!)
  • five (thanks JDSCHU!)
  • six (thanks CHOROZOISGOOD!)
My eBay profile, with links to my feedback (some watch related feedback in there, too).

Note: please let me know if one of the above links don't work, for any reason!

Note: more than ten years ago a scammer tried to use my name and was fortunately foiled. He wanted to "ride" my good reference, warnings were posted here and here and here. Thanks to all the watch enthusiasts who have alerted me to the scammer and helped me stop him. This information is here as legacy information.
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