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Many thanks to member RPF, who created the original version of this list. That post can be seen here:

Please notify a moderator if you find a broken link or if you have suggestions for additional resources. :thanks


  1. Sorted alphabetically. These are a list of reliable resources found online.
Glossary of Watch Terms
  1. BJSOnline
  2. FHS
  3. The Time Zone
  4. The Watch Guy
  5. Timezone Illustrated Movement Parts
  6. WatchTime Magazine
  1. OSWF – Open Seiko Watch Forum. Things are rather quiet but there's an offbeat rustic charm to it.
  2. OWF – Oriental Watch Forum. Best Orient watch forum around.
  3. RLT/The Watch Forum – Nice little sub-forum, primarily British forumers.
  4. SCWF – Seiko/Citizen Watch Forum. Includes Orient and the odd Casio but strictly Japanese watches only. Many vintage dive watch enthusiasts. THE grand-daddy of all Japanese watch forums today.
  5. Timezone – Traffic is slow but interesting posts do appear from time to time. Ably moderated by the vintage Grand and King Seiko fan Kohei san.
  6. WUS – A sub-forum developing into a young and vibrant community ably headed by Isthmus.
  1. Bell-Matic Blog – A labor of love, surely. A wealth of information for fellow Bell fanatics.
  2. GMT+9 – A collaboration between a few long time collectors. The depth and breath of their knowledge is breath-taking. Petew's auction watch updates are a crowd favorite. Highly recommended. (Note: The title is a reference to Japan's timezone).
  3. Japanese Watches – Offering updates on the latest JDM watches, primarily advanced quartz models. Check back often for comments from fellow owners. Frenzy of activity when a model is released.
  4. Quatzimodo's Time Journal – A Malaysian's Japanese watch blog. Stratman is also one of 3 SCWF moderators who happens to be a very good writer.
  5. The Watch Spot – Rich Askam's watch restoration blog. Many vintage Seikos on display.
  6. Yeoman – A primarily mechanical Seiko watch blog with a distinctly Singapore flavor.
  1. Bell-Matics Page – Dedicated shrine for this legendary Seiko mechanical alarm line.
  2. Casio International – Official website
  3. Casio Japan – Official JDM website, translated.
  4. Citizen International – Official website
  5. Citizen Japan – Official JDM website, translated.
  6. DIY Watch Wiki – Excellent compilation of watch repair guides/links.
  7. Jayhawk's Photo Database – THE best photographic resource for JDM models. Kudos to Jayhawk for this outstanding resource we all take for granted.
  8. Orient International – Official website.
  9. Orient Japan – Official JDM website, translated.
  10. Seiko Divers Reference – Kevin Chan's extensive shrine for the 150-200m divers, as well as a splattering of high end dive watches.
  11. Seiko International – Official website.
  12. Seiko Japan – Official JDM website, translated.
  13. Seiko Production Date Calculator – Some guesswork required for the decade calculated but many Seiko calibres are withdrawn within a decade of production.
  14. Tokunaga's Seiko Museum – Tokunaga san was an important Seiko watch designer. A definite must-visit for any Seiko watch enthusiast. A wealth of information awaits you if you want to know about the best that Seiko has offered through the years.
  15. Watch Tanaka – Superb pictures and specs of the latest JDM models, translated.
  16. Yodobashi Camera - Superb pictures and specs of the latest JDM models, translated.
  1. Bob Thayer – Watch mods and restorations. Also has some watches on sale.
  2. Everest Watch Works – Ken Parks is known for his lume work.
  3. IWW – Many people send their Marinemaster/Landmaster to Jack for servicing and a sapphire crystal upgrade. He also offers PVD, refinishing and reluming services.
  4. Ken Setser - Semi Retired Master Watchmaker working with his brother out of Jacksonville Florida.
  5. MKII – Bill Yao sells custom parts for diver mods.
  6. Mr. Seiko – Bracelets and assorted vintage watch parts such as crystals crowns etc.
  7. North East Watch Works – Primarily watch mods.
  8. Randall Benson/Hands of Time Productions – Better known for his fantastic reviews/movement stripdowns under the moniker 2manywatches, Randall does excellent work, even though he's self taught.
  9. - Dagaz Watch Ltd. - parts and custom watches from Jake B.
  1. Blue Dial - U.S. based AD with a comprehensive Japanese inventory. Very competitive pricing.
  2. Capital Mall – Reliable and established. Watches usually come with international warranty.
  3. Chronograph – They have been trading since the late 90s online. The physical shop in Singapore dates back a few decades more. The most comprehensive selection of international models online, as well as OEM watch parts such as bracelets, bezel inserts, cases, dials etc. Mr. Lee responds to emails very quickly, within ½ a day usually.
  4. Discount Watch Store – Interesting selection of Orient/Orient Star and other Japanese watches. Also carries Pulsar model lines.
  5. Higuchi Inc – JDM here I come. The internet arm operates out of a brick and mortar outfit based in Oita, Japan. First class service and shipping from Katsu san who answers every email/call personally.
  6. Kenmar Watches – Interesting selection of Orient/Orient Star and other Japanese watches.
  7. Long Island Watches – Interesting selection of Orient/Orient Star and other Japanese watches.
  8. PMWF Watch Shop – Seiko and Orient, among other brands. Mainly mechanical with some JDM models but also a sprinkling of quartz/kinetic. Operates out of Bangkok, Thailand.
  9. Pokemonyu/Watches Ltd – Reliable and established grey market seller (no box/papers usually). Huge selection of international models.
  10. Princeton Watches – U.S. based AD with a comprehensive Japanese inventory.
  11. Roachman/Wayne's Watch World – Owned by SCWF founder Wayne Lee. Interesting selection of watches. Operates out of Penang Island, Malaysia.
  12. Seiko5ers – As its name suggests, Seiko 5s make up a sizable portion of the selection but there are also a good sprinkling of JDM and international models from Japan. Boris operates out of Hong Kong.
  13. Seiya Japan – No need for introductions. Seiya san can usually source for many older or hard to find JDM models. Impeccable service and shipping, be it a $400 or $4000 watch.
  14. Skywatches – Established Singapore based AD.
  15. Ujiie Watch Shop – Good selection of older JDM models from Seiko, Citizen and Orient. Best prices on Ebay for many Attesas, Exceeds, Orient Stars.
Suggestions/corrections welcome.

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I can't get anyone on the list to do a clean/inspect on my Seiko 7002 any other ideas ?
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