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I am looking to gather a list of all watches with a high beat to them. I would also like details of the rrp on them too.

36,000 or above. From my research these are what I can find :

(1) Grand Seiko - 4000 - 6000 dollars

(2) Zenith El Primo - 5000 dollars

That's it really. Of watches that can be purchased new. Maybe there are other seiko's.

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Cal. list (not sure it is complete) found with google

AS 1852
AS 1854
AS 1855
AS 1920
Bettlach 8040 (36000bph)
Citizen 723
Citizen 7230
Citizen 7248
Citizen 725
Citizen 7250
Citizen 7400
Citizen 743
Citizen 7430
Citizen 773
Citizen 7730
Citizen 7740
Cyma AS 1852
Cyma ETA 2732
Doxa AS 1855
Doxa ETA 2732
ETA 1510
ETA 1536
ETA 2732
ETA 2734
ETA 2738
ETA 2806
ETA 2807
ETA 2812
ETA 2813
ETA 2817
ETA 2819
ETA 2826
ETA 2827
ETA 2832
ETA 2837
ETA 2838
ETA 2839
ETA 2850
ETA 2878
Excelsior-Park Compteur 36000
Excelsior-Park Compteur 36000 (42)
Girard Perregaux 30
Girard Perregaux 32
Girard Perregaux 42.1
Girard Perregaux 42.4
Girard Perregaux 440
Longines 260
Longines 262
Longines 430
Longines 431
Longines 432
Longines 433
Movado 3019 PHC
Movado 405
Movado 408
Orient 12.5 Ligne
Piaget 4P
Piaget 6N
Piaget 6P1
Seiko 6159
Seiko 8800B
Seiko 8800D
Seiko 8800F
Synchron 1855
Ulysse Nardin ETA 2732
Zenith 3019
Zenith 3029
Zenith 405
Zenith 408
Zodiac 101
Zodiac 86
Zodiac 88

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This is from a members site. I can't remember who it belongs to.

In total there were nine distinct efforts to produce 36,000 vph movements

  1. The first effort to succeed was Girard Perregaux's effort which brought watches with 36kbph movemetns to market in 1996. A "joint effort" between Eberhard, Favre Leuba, Girard Perregaux and Zodiac purportedly contributed to the devleopment of these watches, or alternatively the automatic winding mechanism of these watches. The movements each manufacturer ultimately came entered the market with were different enough for parts to not interchange between them, so it very unlikely that any of the movements from these watch companies was the product of joint development. This means the first effort really produced 4 distinct movements, and the degree to which there was"joint development" is questionable. Girard Perregaux was not only the first, but was also unique in producing both manual and automatic high frequency movements.
  2. In 1967 the Longines (cal. 430) "Ultra-Chron" movement appeared.
  3. In 1968 Seiko (cal. 6145) movement introduced, Favre Leuba introduces cal. FL 1164 (day/date/automatic) based watches, Zodiac introduces cal. 88 (date/automatic) and 86 (day/date/automatic) watches, Movado introduces cal. 405 (day/date/automatice) and cal. 408 (date/automatic) watches.
  4. In 1969 the Eterna (cal. 2732) movement introduce
  5. In 1969 the Zenith (cal. 3019) "El Primero" was introduced. It was the first automatic chronograph with an integrated winding mechanism to be produced, and thusly is claimed to be the first automatic chronograph movement ever produced. In 1969, Movado, Zenith and Mondia merged into the MZM Group and Zenith announced the developement of the "first integrated automatic chronograph", hence El Primero (the first in Spanish), in January of 1969.
  6. In 1969 Movado intrioduced the 405 (day/date/) and 408 (date) watches in their Kingmatic watches.
  7. In 1970 A. Schild (cal. 1920) was introduced.
  8. It is not clear when the Felca (cal. 4177) movement was introduced, but it was likely introduced in the 70s. This is one of the few manual hi beat wristwatch movements ever produced.
  9. In 1975 the Citizen (cal. 7230) movement was introduced.
In the end, then 12 different watchmakers produced watches with high frequency movements of their own design and production: Eberhard, Favre Leuba, Girard Perregaux, Zodiac, Longines, Seiko, Eterna, Movado, Zenith, A. Schild, Felca and lastly Citizen.

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That site belongs to member "Ray916MN". He has a superb collection of high/fast beat watches.

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Currently, it is only Zenith and Seiko that produce 36,000 bph watches.

Chopard has developed a 72,000 bph caliber, Breguet use a 72,000 bph movement in their Type XXII chronograph and there exists an Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars model with a 43,200 bph movement. Tag Heuer's Grand Carrera Pendulum has a 43,200 bph movement, and their cal. 360 has the chrono module running at 360,000 bph when engaged.

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Cal. list (not sure it is complete) found with google

ETA 2850
ETA 2878
The 2850 and the 2878 are 28,800 bph movements.

And the ETA 2826 (36,000 bph, out of production) should not be confused with the 2826-2 (big date, current production).

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I believe the Tag Heuer Link Calibre 36 and the Grand Carrera both have the Zenith El Primero movement and are 36,000 bph. Both are also COSC certified.

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Citizen Cosmotron 7804A (Japan)

XiangYang SD2 (People's Republic of China)

Check them out here:

Both of these are battery-powered watches with transistor-controlled electromagnetically-switched balance-wheel, produced in the 1970s. They tend to be overlooked in lists of 10-beat movements as they are not mechanically powered, however the fact is that both of them employ a balance-wheel swinging at 36,000bph, engaging an escape-wheel via a jewelled lever, just like the others on the list.

Hey, I just notice Mike's list includes a Bettlach! Is that a 10-beat pin-lever? Where do I get one?

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Hey, I just notice Mike's list includes a Bettlach! Is that a 10-beat pin-lever? Where do I get one?
Technically, the Bettlach 8040 is not a watch movement, it is a stopwatch movement, and a fairly big one at that (42mm). Standard center second with a thirty minute subdial.

But, yes, it is a pin-lever that runs at 36,000 bph.

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I believe the Tag Heuer Link Calibre 36 and the Grand Carrera both have the Zenith El Primero movement and are 36,000 bph. Both are also COSC certified.
A little while ago, we (on the Zenith forum) tried to come up with a list of what non-Zenith watches the El P was used in. Here's what we got:

TAGHeuer - Calibre 36 ( ? - present), in Grand Carrera, Link, Monza
Rolex - Rolex 4030 (1991 - 2000), in Daytona slowed to 28000VPH
Panerai - Calibre OP IV (2000-2003) in PAM 72
Movado - Datron HS 360 (1969 - 1974)
Ebel - Calibre 134 (approx 1984-1994?)
Parmigiani -
Concord - ( ? - 2002) Impresario
Daniel Roth -
Dunhill -
Waldan International - Astronic Chronograph (current, uses vintage movements purchased in 1980)
Kurth Schaffo ("Chrono d'Oro")
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