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I'm compiling a list of micro brands. The criteria for a micro brand to make this list are:

  • 2000-unit annual production maximum
  • at least one 200m dive watch in its current catalog
  • mechanical movements only
  • $1500 USD or less in 2012

Production figures are difficult to come by. If you have information to the contrary of any maker on this list please post it, preferably with a citation.

Please add to it. All country's manufacturers are welcome. I'll edit the list as more are suggested.

All comments are welcome.

  2. Aquastar Aquastar - Regatta Watch - Home
  3. Artego ARTEGO
  5. Bali Ha'i The BaliHa'i Project
  6. Bathys Diver Watches Designed in Hawaii & Made in Switzerland
  7. Benarus Benarus Automatic Dive Watches
  8. Bernhardt Bernhardt Watch
  9. Boschett Boschett Timepieces.
  10. Corvus Bradley Corvus Watch
  11. Crepas ::CREPAS WATCHES::
  12. Dagaz
  13. Deep Blue Home
  14. Dievas Dievas | Uhren Technik
  15. DWatch Dwatch design your own watch
  16. Erkahund Roland Kemmner eBay My World - erkahund
  17. Gerlach G.Gerlach Fundacja Rozwoju Polskiej My
  18. H2O H2O watch - Customization is Everything - H2O watch - Customization is Everything
  19. Hager HOME
  20. Halios HALIOS Vancouver - Dive + Sport Watches
  21. Helenarou Marina Militare B-Uhr Pilot Flieger Submariner Watch Bose QC3 In Ear Headphones
  22. Helson About Us - Helson Watches
  24. Irreantum Irreantum Watch
  25. JS Iceland JS Watch co. Reykjavik
  26. Kazimon HOME of KAZIMON Horloges | Uhren | Montres | Orologio | Relojes | Relogios | Wristwatches designed by Kazim Kenzo
  27. Kaventsmann Kaventsmann Uhren
  28. Korsbek Korsbek Watch Company
  29. Kremke
  30. Limes LIMES - Mechanical Watches - Made in Germany
  31. Magrette The Official Website of Magrette Timepieces, Auckland (City of Sails) New Zealand
  32. Mk II Mk II Watches
  33. MoVas moVas- Movements of Asia- Asian Mechanical Watches
  34. NFW NFW
  35. Ocean7
  36. Oliver s.Oliver Watches Wristwatches at low prices - uhrcenter s.Oliver online shop
  37. Orange OWC Watch Company
  38. Orbis Morgan The Offical Website of Obris Morgan Timepieces
  39. ORCA H2O watch - Customization is Everything - ORCA
  40. Orsa orsa watches | eBay
  41. Pita Pita Barcelona - Innovation in Mechanical Watches
  42. Praetorian PRAETORIAN Watches
  43. Precista Time Factors Quality Watches On The Net Since 1996
  44. Prometheus Prometheus Watches, men watch, automatic mens watch ,mens watch, online watches
  45. Raven Raven Watches
  46. RedSea RedSea Dive Watches
  47. Rogue Warrior Rogue Warrior Brand
  48. SAS | SAS Watch Company Ltd.
  49. Squale Squale | Produzione di orologi subacquei
  50. Swiss Military SWISS MILITARY - Offizielle Homepage
  51. Tactico La Marca
  52. UHR Uhren von UHR
  53. VDB Vintage VDB - Watches: Home
  54. Wilson Watch Works Home
  55. Yobokies
  56. Zenton Home - zenton watches
  57. Zixen Zixen Watch

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Re: Micro Brands

If anyone wants to offer a definition of micro brand for consensus that would be helpful. I would begin by requiring that the marque needs to make their own products. At least assemble or regulate them though might disqualify a few Fricker cased watches also assembled by them.

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Re: Micro Brands

Lum Tec. See Brice? No love.
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Re: Micro Brands

What about military contract watches? Should Marathon and Cabot qualify even they have military contracts that make 1000s of units or more?

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Re: Micro Brands

Would be nice if you could break this list down by continent too, so I know whether I'm likely to get hammered for Import Duty in the UK.

Thanks for the list by the way. :-!
I'll add URLs. Then anyone can do their own research to that point. Meanwhile, Google is your friend.

I'm sure there are many small watch companies, from Germany and Japan at least, I've never heard of.
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