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List the most frequently asked questions

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In light of my FAQ proposal, what are the questions that are most frequently asked AND suitable for an FAQ.


How to determine the accuracy of my watch? Frequently asked AND suitable for FAQ. There are clear answers and conventions.

Best watch under $1000? Frequently asked but NOT suitable for FAQ because market changes all the time and there might be too many variables in the questions.

So if we were to compile an FAQ, what are the questions that should and could be addressed?

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Is it safe on the watch to shower with it on?

I've heard different answers for this one so I'm not sure it's so clear cut but I do see this question pop up fairly frequently.
Do I have to use a winder?
Is Spring Drive a mechanical or quartz :-d
Very cool suggestions, guys. All perfectly answerable and all have been answered well in previous threads. It would be easy to compile those.

Keep'em coming!

whats the difference between sapphire, mineral, hardex, etc...
How do I adjust/ remove/ change/ the watch's bracelet/ strap?

How do I use a NATO/ zulu?
whats the difference between sapphire, mineral, hardex, etc...
Do not forget about Flame Fusion, Invicta marketing at its finest :-!
Most asked question is:

WRUW (fill in date)?
Some others that I have seen more than once..

How often do I need to service my auto?
Can I manually wind my auto and will it harm it?
If I pull the crown out on my quartz watch, will it save the battery?
Can I polish scratches out of the watch face?
If an auto is left sitting will the oils 'dry out'?
How can I tell if my watch has been magnetized?
How best to remove a cyclops?
Tell me about the different types of lume.
Rubber, leather or bracelet?
Is it uncool to wear more than one watch at a time?;-)
What do the WR ratings really mean?

And here's one from me that isn't actually a FAQ, in fact I've never seen it posted before, but I'm kind of curious..

If a watch with lume is kept in the dark, will the lume have a longer life? :think:
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It would be nice to have a part that explains the differences between movement types, and maybe even the different watch classes(diver, chronograph...). And maybe a part that explains some terms like "skeleton watch", "exhibition case back" and so on.
The date changes at 12 noon, instead of 12 midnight. Please help!

Why does my automatic watch stop when I don't wear it ??? :think:
I get it, the questions get old. But these same questions draw new members in and help keep the boards active. Just do not open the thread, it will never end.
Which watch is this?
Wow, this question absolutely deserves number #1 in the FAQ list |>
"I just got this watch. How much is it worth?"

Usually the first and only post made by the member. :)
Is it safe to purchase a watch on the sales forum?
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