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List the most frequently asked questions

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In light of my FAQ proposal, what are the questions that are most frequently asked AND suitable for an FAQ.


How to determine the accuracy of my watch? Frequently asked AND suitable for FAQ. There are clear answers and conventions.

Best watch under $1000? Frequently asked but NOT suitable for FAQ because market changes all the time and there might be too many variables in the questions.

So if we were to compile an FAQ, what are the questions that should and could be addressed?

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Very cool suggestions, guys. All perfectly answerable and all have been answered well in previous threads. It would be easy to compile those.

Keep'em coming!

Which is better "X" or "Y"?
Do you wear your watch in bed?
If you could only have one watch, what would it be?
What accuracy are you content with?
If money were no object what would you buy?
Are Rolex worth it?
Compare car make with watch brand?
What started you collecting watches?
What do you think of this...?
What is the best diver ever?
Can you recommend a decent AD in...?

Simon, those are all perfect examples of frequently asked questions that can NOT be answered in an FAQ. The idea of this post is to compile those where an FAQ would actually help.

Splendid suggestions otherwise. So there are a bunch of questions where threads could easily be compiled.

I imagine headers like:

"Watch maintenance: All you ever wanted to know"

Inside of that we can have a link compilation for service intervals, for idf winders make sense, for water resistance, for polishing etc.

Then we could have a header on "Watch etiquette" where we compile some illustrious threads and opinions on the subject. At least the reader will see where the tendency is going and where to situate himself on the etiquette continuum.

And a header on "Technical questions". Here we can have compilations on accuracy, on lume, on movement types.

Again, nothing needs to be re-written within the FAQ. Just a short intro on what those things will do for you when you click on them. ;-)

Here is an example that I have compiled myself on another subject and which has been stickied in a forum I visit and contribute to frequently. Those of you who travel will probably find it very useful:
Packing tips - Masterthread: Includes how to pack a suit! - FlyerTalk Forums


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1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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