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There are several watches adopting Louis Cottier's invention, the "Heure Universelle". For example Jaeger-LeCoultre (Geophysics Tourbillon Universal Time), Vacheron Constantin (Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time) and Patek Philippe (World Time).

I'm interested in a Girard Perregaux World Timer and I'd like to understand how it would work in a location where the time zone is "half-hour" from standard GMTs.
For instance, I live in Adelaide which is 30 min behind Melbourne and Sydney time.

Thanks :)

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I've often thought how awful it would be to be a 24-hour watch fan and live in a half-hour time zone. I hadn't thought too hard about solutions until now.

Here's a mock-up of a Glycine 3323 World Timer that might indicate a solution to your problem. I've added two hands and replaced 'TOKYO' with 'ADL' to illustrate.


The additional blue minute hand is fixed opposite the yellow minute hand and shows the minutes of the half-hour zone at a glance. A single long hand would do the trick here.

The additional blue hour hand could be fixed to the hour hand or be independent, according to which 'full' time zone you wanted along with your 'half'. Here the blue hands show Adelaide (17:07) just behind Sydney (17:37) at GMT 07:37.

Much simpler, perhaps, would be to have just the long, double-ended minute hand and rotate the outer hours bezel to match your preferred full zone, shifted by half an hour (which this watch will happily do). For world time reading just use the hours on the shifted bezel and the opposing minutes. The cities bezel clicks in half-hour increments, which is fortunate.

I've probably not explained this well but if you think about it you'll see what I mean.
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