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7-steps instruction guide for calibration of the non-perpetual VHP:

1. Open your watch.
2. Pull the crown to position 3.
3. Connect a wire (or needle on the wire) to the '+' of the battery; tap the 'C-' or 'C+' terminal X times.
4. Disconnect wire/needle.
5. Push the crown into position 1.
6. Close the watch.
7. Set the time as you would normally do.
The only change I would make is to wait 5 seconds between step 4 and 5. The wait of 5 seconds may not be needed as it is not mentioned in some of the other manuals.

The wait period is probably not needed since the battery is installed and the update will not be affected by the removal of adjustment wires (needles).

What do you think, George?
1 - 2 of 123 Posts
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