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Look at this handsome devil!

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i saw this beauty of a Dw-5600-E while on the bay. ive never seen it before does anyone have any info?
/cue Mansrow/:-d:-d:-d*ebayphotohosting
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Yes, I have got one. I bought it because of its real black colour (so it is called strictly black). It also has a good contrast with the reverse display. You will not regret it.:-!
Nice looking watch but knowing the cantankerous lot on here, as it's beautifully stealthed, they will be buying it, changing it to a positive display and then painting all the lettering ...... :-x:-x:-x ... :-d
This one does not seem to be the glossy version "A" or am I mistaken?
The pic in my bible does not match it.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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