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So my girlfriend's watch broke about a month ago and I'd like to get her a new one for christmas. The problem is I know nothing about watches.
I tried looking up as much info as I could on what is good/bad on a watch, but there are just too many things to consider.

So basically I want a nice watch, in the style of her older one (this is the best pic I could find).


I am sorry the pic isn't very good, but it isn't easy to find pictures of her watch without her knowing. I don't know the brand or anything else about it, unfortunately :\

My budget is about 60€. The only musts are leather strap and no loud ticking sound (that's very annoying).
Also, while looking I noticed that most stores that sell watches are american, but I'm in the EU, so it would be a lot better if I could buy it within the EU.
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