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Looking for long lasting watch, cheap movement (7s26 etc) or ordinary quartz?

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Hello watch lovers,

Just wondering which to get, a 7s26 automatic watch or somewhere near (not gonna serviced it) or normal quartz watch (swatch, casio, etc). both watch at around $100, which one you think will last longer? normal quartz or unserviced cheap movement? it will be daily office use, not for sports or etc.

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There is a price differential in this choice, you could get your ordinary quartz for less than $20/£20 no problem, and that choice would have a Seiko or Miyota movement so would be mostly as reliable as most, so let us say, baring a battery change or two, ten years plus is no problem.

Given the history, you should be able to get a very good quality Seiko 5 for £75 or less and given the history, one of those should last 10, 20 Maybe 30 years without being touched. My local watch mender won't even service one of these watches as he says it is cheaper to replace the movement if the watch has some sentimental attachment.

So given those parameters, the OP has a simple choice IMHO, he can spend a little bit of money today and get something cheap and reliable, and even if he chucks it away when the battery fails, so he has to buy a new one, would still be quids in buying a Quartz. But if he wants a longer purchase, if he respects it for what it is, a Seiko 5 is going to do the business................

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Metal

£25 (Seiko) Lorus Watch

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Material property

£70 Seiko 5

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Blue Wrist

£18 Nakzen Watch - Seiko Movement

Watch Watch accessory Analog watch Fashion accessory Material property

£7.99 Slazenger Quartz with a Seiko Movement

Watch accessory Watch Fashion accessory Analog watch Strap

£28 DOM Auto Mechanical Watch with a Seiko NH35 Movement

This really comes down to, "You Pays your Money and Takes Your Choice!"

Best regards,
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