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Looking for some information about a few vintage pocket watches! Omega, Helvetia and Favor watches!

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Okay, so I've recently started looking into a few old pocket watches that's been in my family for two, maybe three, generations now, and I found three of interest.

The first one is a rather larger one with nothing on the front of it but "Omega" along with an Omega sign, and a bronze picture of a horse and two men on the back of the silver case (one is on the horse's back, but I'll try to post some pictures when I find out how). I couldn't get it open with a butterknife, and I didn't want to damage it.

The second one is a bit smaller, but with the name "Helvetia" on the front, along with "Prima" in smaller writing right under it. On the back of the silver case there is a shield looking icon. There are two "lids" on it, the outer one having "0.800", something that looks like a half-moon and a crown, a rhombus with the letters "AM" and, last but not least, a 7-digit serial number (3722304). The inner lid only have the serial number and "METAL" engraved. Can't see anything on the movement, except for "HELVETIA" and A/R - F/S.

The last pocket watch has "Favor" written on the front, and I've done some digging on my own and found out that "Favor" was(/is) made by Schätzle & Tschudin from Germany. I can't really describe the back of the case that well (which is silver), but it contains at least one square on the upper half, in the middle, with two parallel lines on both sides of it. The inside of the lid appears to have three logos/icons engraved; one bison looking thing, the same half-moon (with a face) and crown as the Helvetia watch, and "0.900". There's also a six-digit serial number on the bottom (655838). There's nothing one the movement, except for "V" and "N" where the Helvetia watch has A/R - F/S, which I understand is the speed of the watch.

I have very little experience with watches, which means there might be many things that could've been explained way better by someone with a little knowledge, so just ask if there's something you want more information about.

Lastly, slightly off-topic, but at the same time on-topic, I am going to the watchmaker school here in Norway this fall, so I'm trying to learn a little on my own before attending in order to NOT be "the one who knows less", which again is the reason why I've started looking into these vintage watches. They, and their movements, interest me more than anything I've ever been near.
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