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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for coming in.

I am looking for a watch which I want to buy back in 2003 ( my be 2002) in Holland. I was a student at the moment and I couldn't afford it. :(

Recently, I want to have a new casio G-shock watch, but I always thought that watch was much cooler then the newer G-shock. May be I was worry, but I really want to that old watch. I remembered I was walk pass by the watch shop and I always look at it for a moment. Until, all the watch sold out...

The watch is like a G-shock, but bigger than G-shock, similar shape and main color is yellow, other part is black.
Similar to this:
Analog watch Watch Yellow Orange Product

I Can not remember the brand of that watch, so it make my research very hard. I think it's not a Casio G-shock watch, maybe a Swatch watch???

Not sure Swatch makes that kind of big watch...

All the watch lovers, please help me to find it, Make my watch dream come ture!!!

Thank you very much and wish you guys all the best!!!
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