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Looking to take the plunge

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Hello! I have been reading this forum for several weeks now and have learned a huge amount of information. I have decided to treat myself to my first automatic watch and not wanting to spend a disgusting amount of money, I have come up with two contenders: the Hamilton Railroad Chrono Auto and the Raymond Weil Freelancer. I love the design of both of these watches, but I haven't been able to find too much about how these two brands compare in terms of quality. I am sure that either one will be a large step up from what I currently have. I think these are also priced similarly, but I have yet to find a physical dealer for Hamiltons. Any advice you could give would be great help. Thanks!
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Hamiltons has great quality build,materials and movements so you can't go wrong with them and Railroad is a very very nice watch. Raymond Weil i saw a few models are ok but i can't tell you about the quality.
Even though I personally like Hamilton much more than RW, it seams that Raymond Weil is slightly higher when comparing Company name/image. This of course is constantly changing and Swatch Group is pushing Hamilton to a higher range.

I think you should post a poll in a Public Forum! In this way - you will get unbiased opinions about specified models and useful comments on both producers.
I've had 3 Hamiltons, A SeaView 1000ft, A Hamilton Cushion and now just purchased the Hamilton Slim I posted. I also just purchased a new Raymond Weil Nabucco 3900-st-05207, my first RW. Now strictly using what I have tried as my basis, I can say the RW Nabucco is better in fit, finish and quality. Thats not to say Hamiltons are bad, just saying of the ones I tried Raymonds are better. I think its safe to assume that is the case for most of the automatic RW lineup from what I've seen.
Thanks very much for the replies! I think I am going to wait until I can see bothof these watches in person before I make a final decision. And I think I will put up a poll- thanks for a great idea. I'll make sure to post when I finally decide.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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