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Looks like a new one by SKMEI

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I haven't seen this one before. Must've just come out. Digging the familiar styling, especially the gold one.

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El Luminous Loco! ;-)

So they trumped Casio with reverse EL lighting (instead of positive amber LEDs) and with one in black metal bracelet (which Casio only have silver), but cheater is still a cheater. They ripped off 99.9% of Casio's original design of the AE1200. I for sure will not support these people for giving them money! If they are this good, they should come up with their own original designs and not taking advantage of other people's hard work.
100% correct
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I love the brand because they make super cheap digital watches, or rather, realistically priced digital watches.

What's the price range on these compared to Casio?
Certainly you could tell us ?

You are the specialist on these rip-off watches,are you not ? :roll:
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