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(this post might do better in the cafe, mods please do as you will)

I ordered two DA37 from watchmann at the beginning of February. The first delivery notice arrived on the 10th. The next day my girlfriend and i trekked 3 hours through snow, under powerlines, and along the side of highways because the postal outlet was in a new subdivision and the busdriver pointed us in the wrong direction (it was mislabeled on the city + google + gps maps too). We we finally got to the postal office we found the package damaged and the watch box missing.........

Thankfully Greg at watchmann was very understanding and started the process of issuing a refund. And, the other DA37 arrived without problems (see review here

We thought the first watch lost, only to receive another delivery notice yesterday. Although the tracking number was different, it showed the same shipping date as the first watch, and an already confirmed delivery date on the 11th. Low and behold, it was the missing watch! Now that i have the watch on hand, the tracking info show TWO confirmed deliveries.... Snail mail works in mysterious ways!

Hopefully messed up shipping stories from others will work out in the end, and props to Greg for double wrapping the package with shipping info on both |>
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