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I love a relatively simple non-complicated watch such as Oris, Alpina, Hamilton, Longines that have larger cases 41-45mm (not Invicta size though). Getting a little older, I need to be able to glance at my watch and sometimes just don't have my reading glasses on/available!

I currently own a new Oris Aquis Date watch (43mm) with a rubber bracelet. I also own about 20 other watches including Rado, Omega, Hamilton, Tissot, Citizen, Tag Heuer and others and all have a bracelet band instead of buckle. My favorite one is the Oris because it is quick on/off without having to mess with a buckle. I don't own any buckle bands because I can't easily get them on quickly and they don't seem to fit properly along with my not caring for leather bands. With as many watches that I own, I love being able to decide which watch that I will wear that day and it has to be a quick process to swap as I wear my watch at night as well as during the day.

There are only 1 or 2 Alpina watches that have rubber/silicone bands, but I believe they are buckle types instead of bracelet types. Before I purchase an Alpina I would like to know that I would be able to purchase an Alpina rubber bracelet for the one that I purchase by knowing the size opening for replacing the band for that watch, knowing how the fit will actually be and where I may actually purchase one. Also, if an Alpina bracelet band is not available, where would I be able to purchase a high quality band? I definitely don't want to replace the leather one that would come with the Alpina watch with a cheap inferior rubber one. I know I won't wear the watch if I can't get a rubber/silicone bracelet band. I would buy an Alpina that has a metal band since I believe they have bracelet bands, but would still like to have the option to swap out for a rubber band if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions/help. :)

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You can put pretty much anything on an Extreme Diver, etc.

Isofames are awesome on them.

Look at the sticky at the top of this forum for a list of on line strap vendors for aftermarket ideas, or Google is your friend. is one of many good places for nice aftermarket bracelets.
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