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Lucien Piccard: Real or Fake?

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I've just bought this watch (new) for a steal. Obviously, when you buy a watch for a "steal", you're going to be hesitant about it's quality. As of now, it's running perfectly, and by all means seems genuine. That being said, i'd still like some reassurance. Before you look at the picture, please note that the plastic dust seal is still attatched to the face and back, because at one point I might want to sell it for a bit of profit. Of course, if it turns out to be fake, i'll just keep it for myself :-d.

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:roll: I have a real one, I look at those as fakes.
Those made after 1968 or so, a brought back from the grave name.
Define "those" please. :)
Not as real as mine.
Your watch is as real as a LP can be. I remember seeing that on sale for 30 bucks. They have some decent budget watches that are a good alternative to mass market mall brands.
Can i ask you which website did you buy it please? I want to buy a female one but i dont know where or how to. I'm new at this
It's worth it's weight in Gold, current spot price.
Hi im new in here and im looking for info. on a watch that I own, its a 1962 U.S.C. 14 KARAT GOLD MADE BY Lucien Piccard, I have no idea what that watch could worth and how many copies do they make since that watch was made for U.S.C. 1962 if any one has any inf. I will apreciate it. thanks Daniel..
This is not a chuckle, but a major 'knee-slapper'!
Hello, So I have two question. How do you know the age of the watches? I have to very old ones still working, but as Atino00 said I cant find the worth. I cant even fine the picture of it. Second question is these watches are suppose to be lifetime warentee how do I find how to contact company to take advantage?
My Lucien Piccard listed for $110 and that was in 1962 Dollars; redeemable.
Huh? You're dreaming ...... Warranty on a $40 watch that's worth a dollar now?
1 - 7 of 31 Posts
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