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Lucien Piccard: Real or Fake?

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I've just bought this watch (new) for a steal. Obviously, when you buy a watch for a "steal", you're going to be hesitant about it's quality. As of now, it's running perfectly, and by all means seems genuine. That being said, i'd still like some reassurance. Before you look at the picture, please note that the plastic dust seal is still attatched to the face and back, because at one point I might want to sell it for a bit of profit. Of course, if it turns out to be fake, i'll just keep it for myself :-d.

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Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Strap Fashion accessory
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I do agree with you that after the Lucien Piccard name went down, the watch designs took a turn, and that the real Lucien Piccard watches were the ones from 1920-68, not 68-12. Still, a designer is a designer, and these watches are still placed under his name for a reason.
That reason being someone just bought the name and started making watches...similar to what happened to Elgin or Gruen. Not related at all to the timepieces of before...sadly so...I wish they would just let the name die.
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