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I have a modern Tutor Style 34mm flutted bezel here that I want to use to customise for my old Tudor Big Rose 7934 - just to mix it up, keep life interesting etc. and I like the look of the flutted bezel and find with it being thicker (almost 2mm larger OD) it goes right to the edge of the watches case giving the watch a larger wearing size on the wrist. At 29.1mm, the ID of the bezel is perfect to suit and once the original bezel has been removed, it presses onto the Big Rose firmly and securely however it does not go all the way down flush with the case due to a ridge on the Oyster Case (it has a 0.016"/0.406mm gap according to my feeler gauges). The original bezel on its underside has a matching sized shank to suit this ridge.

Any ideas on what sort of place I could go to to get the new bezel machined to have a matching shank in it? I asked at an engineering firm but the machinists concern was not being able to hold the bezel without scratching/marking/damaging it. Machining the case is not an acceptable solution as it would mean it cannot be easily and quickly reverted back to original and may have other implications on the crystal and water resistance.

My measurements of what needs to be machined:

The original bezels underside:

The new bezels underside:

The case:

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