Recently, Dutch-Swedish brand MAEN Watches approached us to let Watchuseek readers know about their fledgling brand. The name stems from the fact the moon is a symbol of time and it is an old Dutch name referring to the ‘Halve Maen’, the Dutch ship that changed the course of history by exploring the unknown. The founders also like the clean look that goes well with the design style of the brand name.

Launched by two Dutchmen living in Stockholm, MAEN focusses on designing watches that offer the highest possible quality with design elements usually associated with high-end brands and yet offered with a surprisingly low price tag.

MAEN’s debut model is priced at around US$300 and comes in 4 variations, two models in a stainless steel case with frost white or midnight blue dial and two models in stainless steel gold plated case with charcoal grey or with the ivory white dial, as featured here.

The first watch they decided to focus upon is a classic moonphase. The moonphase indicator on a watch is a rotating disc that illustrates the illuminated portion of the Moon, as seen from Earth. As the earth passes across the sky, so too does its miniature version in the watch travel around, displayed in an aperture on the dial.

The cycle from new moon to new moon is 29.53 days. Given the regularity of the Moon’s movement, it should come as no surprise that the invention of our modern calendar owes its existence to the phases of the Moon.

As MAEN explains, the moonphase is considered one of the most poetic complications in a wristwatch. The moonphase complication provides a subtle connection with the past, when people were fascinated by the movements of the moon. It guided their travels, their seasons and ultimately led to the creation of the modern calendar. Our lives are no longer closely tied to the moon’s orbit, but this makes it all the more fitting to own a moonphase watch.

Housed in a simple yet elegant dial, the MAEN moonphase is a two hander dressed in a classic stainless steel case with a mixed brushed and polished finish. Under a sapphire crystal lens, the watch reveals the powder coated dial featuring faceted hands for hour and minutes, polished indexes and the moonphase indication above the 6 o’ clock position.

The screwed caseback of the watch features the brand’s laser engraved logo at the center surrounded by a pattern symbolizing the movement of the Moon around the earth. The watch runs on a Ronda Swiss made quartz movement. The timepiece comes fitted with an Italian leather strap in black, brown or midnight blue shade depending upon the version. The word ‘maen’ means moon in old Dutch, however MAEN are also planning other models without a moonphase dial, but this is certainly a commendable first effort for the price.

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