This is an end of an affair, so they may go to a better home. All are in excellent plus condition, very well taken care of and look pristine. They were never abused and always kept charged. All will be shipped in hexagonal boxes, no papers and other paperwork.

1. SOLD GW5000, dressed in red. Crystal is clear, bezel and band are clean and no scuffs, screw back has faint marks. Price $125
2. SOLD GW M 5610, dressed in blue, like new. Price $60.
3. SOLD G5600, dressed in white, like new. Price $55.
4. SOLD GW9400 dressed in burning red. Like new, all functions work well. This will also come with a complete navy set (bezel, band) which was never used. Price $125
5. SOLD MTG 1200, on GW3000 bracelet, the original bracelet was sized and too small for me, now I can not find it. Crystal is clear, bezel without scuffs, bracelet is full size and no marks. Price $100
6. SOLD G3500. The watch was used regularly but carefully, crystal is clear. Metal (middle bezel) has some scratches, bracelet has desk diving marks, but both have plenty of use left. This will also come with never used middle (metal) bezel and never used bracelet. I have to say, for me the best looking ana-digi G-shock by far and the one I have second thougths of letting go. Also, the most accurate non radio controlled watch I've ever had, gained about a minute over the last 4 plus years. Price $125
7. SOLD GW 2500 in all black, rarely used, no scratches on the crystal or bezel, bracelet looks clean. Price $75
8. SOLD GWX 8900 in neon green. Minimal signs of use, no scratches or scuffs. Comes with a spare band, and, if i can find it, spare bezel. Price $60
9. SOLD GS 1300 (Giez) minimal signs of use, no scratches or scuffs. Comes with never used spare band, plastic bezels and set of black scres for the band. Beautiful watch, my favorite analog G shock. Price $125
10. SOLD GW3000 rare version with blue band. In excellent condition, no signs of use. Price $80
11. SOLD GW3000 rare version in olive green. Moded with matching powder coated olive green bezel (instead of OEM gold one). Some signs of use on the band. Comes with spare never used band and spare never used powder coated metal bezel, and never used green plastic bezel. Price $80
12. SOLD GW3000 in all black. Minimal signs of use. Price $60
13. SOLD GD400 in orange-blue-black colorway. Like new. these don't come up often. Price $70
14. GLX5600 Herschel Supply moded with darker green bezel and band with yellow accents. Like new. Also, original bezel and band. Price $60->50

All payment PP G&S, I will ship USPS priority. Prefer US sales, but will ship internationally at cost. All prices are negotiable to a degree but these are quite fair so, please, do no low ball me. Thanks for looking.