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I have found a thread about this, but it is a year old. I spent last few days searching online these straps and find few sellers that sell these claiming they are Maratac brand, some of them claiming 'Genuine Maratac strap', but I am suspicious because I found out that Maratac doesn't make them anymore (correct me if I'm wrong), and also those sellers have different lengths. As I am aware of, original one was 80 or 85mm/135mm, 24mm width, notched to 22mm or 20mm. Those that are available on internet now are different sizes and lengths. Some are 80/120mm, some 80/130mm, some 80/135mm, and so on. Also, they are not notched. Who has recent experience with Maratac straps, and witch seller is best? I would like to buy black with blue stitching (pics attached), prefer to be notched from 24 or 22mm to 20mm. I know original ones were not tapered, but I wouldn't mind that.
I will appreciate any help and advice very much!

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