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I really like the Stowa Marine watch, but when I saw the Marine Original I just loved it and thought " WOW, I really have to buy one!" Given the price difference, I pondered it for a while and finally decided to order one late last month. But I am self-employed and had a huge push of work to get done so that I could go on holidays.

In the rush getting everything ready for holidays, guess what I forgot to do? You guessed it - I forgot to order the Marine Original at the discounted price. I feel like a cartoon character hitting myself in the head with a frying pan.

It was a stretch to order the Marine Original at the discounted price. Now I have to decide if I want to order one at the regular price. Oh well, no rush in deciding now since I believe they are taking orders for the November issue.

But it is a fine looking watch and the movement looks fabulous.....

Aaarrrgggghhhhh....... Why is this always so hard?

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