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My buddies dad got this watch as a gift, he is selling it to me for great price, but I'm kind of skeptical because of the packaging that it's in. The box that it came with has a C-K33R1-6 number on it that I tried searching, but no luck. From what I've seen, the gwg2000 comes in either a nice presentation box or a gshock tin can, which this one doesn't have. Watch is brand new and has some tags on it. Do any of you know if these are being faked?

Below are the pics so you guys can help me out
Check if all the functions work as they should.
I once bought a gwg1000 on ebay that was fake and just by looking at it briefly, it could pass as a legit watch but all the functions wasnt there and the crown wasnt in use.
I wouldnt get too worried just by the box it came with.
Yours look legit to me.
My 2040 came in this plastic box:
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1 - 14 of 913 Posts