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Master of G Mudmaster gwg2000 owners club & 1k owners too club.

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A place to show off the new carbon core mudmaster gwg2000, originally I was in the " I'll pass camp " but then a few videos on YouTube later and kaboom ordered on sunday through amazon using a Japanese market dealer & it arrived today.

Immediate thoughts are

More comfortable on the wrist.
Better strap construction.
To my eye it seems like larger font size in display slot.
Sapphire glass always seems way better to me then hardplex imho
Seems like a cleaner dial layout.

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Wait until the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary hits. There will be some amazing colorways for this watch.
When is the 40 year anniversary?

I got the desert one off eBay. It’s nice. I feel it’s a side option to the 1k though. I haven’t worn my mud masters lately cause I’ve been all about a few MTG B1000 models but for rugged toughness you can’t beat the gwg line. I DO wonder why Casio put the 2k out cause if feels like a side grade and not an upgrade.

looking at the stealth 2k and the black 2k with the green strap, I think the stealth model is really underwhelming. Feels like it doesn’t have any personality. Anybody else feel that way?
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not pooping on anyones choice of the stealth. It IS a good looking watch but I have so many black g shocks I find myself really wanting ones that look more unique now or to at least have more color. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t feeling it. I’m liking color in my watches a bit more these days.

Are there blue accents on the sides? Where did you pick it up? I really like that the indicies Are white with a little gray That’s a nice feature.
I really like the Toyota model. It’s very nice looking. Have high hopes for some cool limited models for the 2k.
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Really wish the TLC model didn’t have a plastic buckle.
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You mean the band keeper? The buckle is Metal.
Is it? Feels like plastic to me.
Japan treasure factory off Amazon. Ordered on Saturday and it gets in today!

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I’ve ordered from them before. He’s a solid solid seller. Really good dude.
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Still ridiculously expensive. No way it should be that much.
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I like the flare red model but not for the price… anyone got a source where it’s not selling for MSRP?
Where can we get the flare red? Any dealers you guys trust?
Normally not a big fan of watch pics cause the framing of them is usually, I dunno, odd, but this is just fantastic. Really nice picture.
Have you set the straps to be curved by leaving the ends tightly wound? Here's a photo doing this to a GWG-2000.
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what does this achieve?
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