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Master of G Mudmaster gwg2000 owners club & 1k owners too club.

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A place to show off the new carbon core mudmaster gwg2000, originally I was in the " I'll pass camp " but then a few videos on YouTube later and kaboom ordered on sunday through amazon using a Japanese market dealer & it arrived today.

Immediate thoughts are

More comfortable on the wrist.
Better strap construction.
To my eye it seems like larger font size in display slot.
Sapphire glass always seems way better to me then hardplex imho
Seems like a cleaner dial layout.

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Just got back from the mall after trying a GWG-1000-1A3.

It felt like it wore a bit better than the 2k but honestly wasn’t enough time to tell. Had it on wrist very briefly. I did look at the wings under the case and for some reason it felt like they were spaced further apart than the 2k which would be better for me. That doesn’t seem to make sense intuitively though because I believe lug to lug is longer on 2k, so you’d think wing spacing would be greater on the 2k.

The other dilemma is which 1k to get if I go that way. They had the 1A3 and the 1A next to each other on display. I like the green band, but prefer the cream indices and hands on 1A.

Decisions, decisions.
Get them both used! 2 for the price for a new one!
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Not sure if this video with sensor test has posted before.

I've said before that the new gwg-2000 wasn't my cup of tea, but the desert version looks a bit more uniform than the other colourways.

So... I've got one coming in and see irl if it floats my boat. Guess it's a little bit of fomo, since I can't find any Japan version any more. The one with the fancy box packaging. Looks like the desert version is really out of production, as it was said before.
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Still UK stock think 10 left .
I can help with shipping to you, actually done same for someone in Canada .
All it costs is what it costs, my time is free to help fellow G brothers and sisters out around globe where I can. That’s my reward. All I ask is just do a good turn for someone else, be it helping and old lady across the road or buying a McDonald’s for a homeless person.
So a cycle of good karma continues.
Only down side is my car has crank sensor issue which will be sorted soon. So can’t get about easy. Have to do job myself as no garages taking in work now.
And its a pain in the butt job (s4 v8).
Anyway offer there , just message me and can sort via email for ease of decide.
That’s the holiday spirit!
Thanks for the offer, I purchased one from Germany and it’s on the way. It was 100 cheaper than retail over here.
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Received my 2k desert today.

I don’t like the thick hour hand or the large blacked out ends of the hour and minute hands.
The Christmas tree is alright. The crown, I don’t like the clicking feeling when rotating.
And the last nitpicking is that the back cover is really uninspiring.

These minor gripes aside, I think it’s overall a nice refresh. Comfy and more of a daily wear with the smaller size of the watch.

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Two more observations.

First one is how it wears in my small wrist
I’m wearing the 1k between 4th or 5th.
With the 2k this is 3rd and 4th hole. The 3rd hole is really tight though.

Second observation. Maybe it’s because the size of my wrist, the wings on the strap can move around quite a bit, unless I wear it on the 3rd hole, locking the movement of the wings.
When wearing it on 4th hole, the wings have space to grind against the strap and case back. Because of that, it’s already making some squeaky noises.
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Wishing you all a new normal 2022!

Happy New Year 🥳

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Curious to see how it ages when the bumpers and lugs are all scratched and chipped.
Will it add to the battle look or will it look cheap.

I already enquired if those parts are available to order and what the damage will be.
well it will definitely be more expensive to replace the bezel part than GWG-1000. Just these 2 pieces cost more than $200 according to Pacparts.
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No way…
I mailed my supplier because I already have a small chip where the top screw goes.
Any pics? Would love to see how these wear.

I really want to try a back to back 1K and 2K wear test to see definitively what I prefer the real world look/feel of.
It’s like a dot sized chip. Luckily its not really noticeable because its at the edge. I’ll try to take a photo of it this week.

Is this material more prone to chipping than the resin?

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The carbon fiber is still cured or mixed with epoxy/resin type of glue. It looks like they used chopped carbon fiber and then molded it into the lug forms.
I think that the use of forged carbon fiber on the bezel parts is more from a design and marketing point of view. It looks pretty, but a regular resin piece should function the same.

Since the parts consists of epoxy/resin, it still acts the same as any other hard resin/plastic parts. Meaning, it scratches and dings and chipping will occur when you hit it on something sharp or pointy, like rocks or straight edges.

As others have said before, the 1k is a work horse and the 2k a show horse, especially if the carbon parts are 100 usd a piece, while a basic 1k bezel is like 10 usd.
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When is the 40 year anniversary?
2023. So save up in case some nice pieces comes along.
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Do the JDM versions, the ones with -JF code, also have "Casio Thailand" written on the band and "Cased in Thailand" on the back case?
As far as I know, all the 2k models are now cased in Thailand.
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More lume pics please! Thinking of getting the illuminated carbon bumper pieces for my regular 2k.
The triple is completed. I do really like this model. When the strap has been broken in, it's actually quite comfortable.
Just have to do somthing about my arm. It seems to be somewhat too short.
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Missing the TLC? :p
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