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Master of G Mudmaster gwg2000 owners club & 1k owners too club.

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A place to show off the new carbon core mudmaster gwg2000, originally I was in the " I'll pass camp " but then a few videos on YouTube later and kaboom ordered on sunday through amazon using a Japanese market dealer & it arrived today.

Immediate thoughts are

More comfortable on the wrist.
Better strap construction.
To my eye it seems like larger font size in display slot.
Sapphire glass always seems way better to me then hardplex imho
Seems like a cleaner dial layout.

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Maybe not a Maharishi but there is a GWG 2000 Toyota black with blue accents Limited Edition coming in January 2022

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You mentioned that quite some time ago and I've been curious ever since. I found the new Mudmaster below my (maybe too high) expectations. I liked the design of the Mudmaster and I almost got a Maharishi and a GWG1000a which are my favorites from the line. At end end, I didn't get any.

The updated display of the 2000 is a great addition and I liked the new design as well even if I was disappointed with the lack of new features.

I enjoy seeing the pics but none of the 3 colors really give me the "I need this in my collection" feeling.

If they ever make a Maharishi style of the 2000, they can grab my money already.

Do you have any more details of the Toyota colab?

What's the bezel colour? What about the band?
Where are the blue tones? Hopefully we'll find out soon.
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Yes i did mentioned, the GWG 2000 TOYOTA COLLABORATION is coming in January or maybe on February 2022…The TOYOTA GWG 2000 the band and case is all black with blue accents on the watch case. the dial is black with some red colors.. and if they ever make a Maharishi of the GWG 2000 i definitely will buy one.

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Very intriguing. Black, Blue and red all together is a big hit or miss for me. I'll keep an eye on it.
Given the Maharishi success it would be a shame not to do something very similar, calling it Maharishi or not.

Maybe they'll make it as a limited edition with a carbon bezel, combi band and ask double the price...I'm sure it would sell pretty quick.
Now this Master really starts to shine; strap swap makes it much cooler 😍
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...just declared the Jays And Kays adapters in customs, so the bracelet swap might happen this week as well 👍
Really liked the combination. I also like the original but this is even better!!!
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