It’s winter in the Northern hemisphere, and a stout pair of boots should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. It’s at this time of year that Chief Moderator Brad Bokkean likes to round up a few of the folks who have badly pressed his buttons on the forum over the preceding months. He takes them out, ostensibly for a Christmas lunch, to the West Virginia backwoods, where, armed with his Chippewas and his trusty Winchester SXP Shotgun, he embarks on what he likes to call a Shill Hunt. But in fairness, he does give the older flamers and shillers a good 15 minutes start.

Chippewa has been hand-crafting leather boots in America since 1901 and this boot is made in collaboration with Arcane , a men's brand focused on hand crafted and US made goods that bridge the gap between formal and rugged wear. Every piece is designed to function with all of your other belongings and built to outlast them – with the possible exception of your watch.

When Chippewa approached Arcane about a partnership, they jumped at the chance. The Crazy Horse Aldrich Boot (formerly known as the General Utility Service boot) is a 6-inch tall Men's boot with a plain toe. It has Texon® with maple leather heel insoles and is entirelyhandcrafted in the USA. It’s recommended to order a half-size smaller than what you would normally wear. Price: $260.00.

Here we have matched the Chippewa’s with watches built for adrenaline and adventure.


Built to prevent intrusion by sand, mud or dust and to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments, this tough structure is prepared to support training and actual missions in environments such as jungles and deserts. It's an ideal tool for rangers and rescue crews.



The first Kobold chronograph in a 44mm case, the Intrepid is a throwback to the chronographs of yesteryear. Designed with a minimalist approach. In fact, the Intrepid Chronograph only measures elapsed seconds. DLC-coated, the case is part of Kobold's Old Explorers Collection, which also features the Sir Ernest Shackleton, Pandemonium, Himalaya and Remington timepieces. The watch comes on a canvas strap. Like the Chippewa boots, the watch is entirely built in the USA using domestic and imported components. Production limited to just 25 watches per year. Price: $3,350.00



This is a vintage Ref 145.022 in steel from 1980, a model which was in production until 1981. in other words, a post moon model. While it didn’t go to the moon, it’s a watch built for adventure, after all, it is still based on the same watch that went on lunar missions and back, and many wear an old Speedy as a daily beater. This particular watch comes on a brown leather strap which complements the Chippewa’s. Asking price on Ebay is approximately $4,900.


This particular model was launched in 2016, it’s a wise choice for pilots accustomed to the presence of an occasional lightning strike, but it’s also a cool watch for hitting the outward-bound trails, where the large onion crown will enable you to change the time wearing thick gloves. This watch comes on a thick brown leather strap which works beautifully with the Crazy Horse Chippewas. $5,842.