For those seeking a female companion in addition to the watches in their life, we thought it's high time there was a new dating site designed for those who can only relate to the world in terms of watch models.

You know what kind of watches you drool over, now it's time to find the woman of your dreams who complements the watch you love to wear. The only proviso is, you can only choose one type of watch, and therefore one type of woman, because unfortunately research shows women don't like it if you have as many girlfriends as you do watches.

Remarkably, for every type of watch there is a woman who would perfectly fit the role. With most dating sites you are confronted with hundreds of girl's names, and acres of dizzying profiles written by assertive, scarily ambitious, 'love me, love my three teenage tearaways' women. With the Watchuseek dating site, all you have to do is what you always do, just pick the type or brand of watch you like most, and as if by magic, there's a woman to fit in with your lifestyle. It's so easy, it's a wonder no one thought of it before. And don't worry, all the women on this dating site have to sign a pre-nup clause that clearly states the watch collection comes first.

Let's get started.

Watch model: Patek Philippe Calatrava

If the object of your desire is a Patek Philippe Calatrava, well, you are clearly after a classic beauty with great dress sense. Elegant, understated and sophisticated, this lady is also refreshingly uncomplicated, but at the same time, everything she does is done to perfection. Also, she has a wonderful pedigree.

OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean

This excellent choice of watch reveals that the lady in your life should have a keen sense of adventure, ready to squeeze into a tight diving suit at a moment's notice, she can be as deep and mysterious as the waters you love to explore. She is able to fulfil all the pent up Bond girl fantasies of your dreams.

Rolex Daytona Chronograph

Good choice! She can be a little bit complicated, but she is also racy, sexy and much sought after. You're going to have to put your foot down hard on the gas pedal just to keep up with her. Don't expect a hot cooked meal when you get home, but your eyes will be out on sticks when she performs her handbrake parallel parking.

Casio Pro Trek

You're clearly after a mountain climbing, backpack wearing woman who will give you all the excitement and challenge of a real cliffhanger. You won't find her in the mall anguishing over matching drapes, but you can share sweaty kisses with her as the sun sets atop a lofty mountain.

Stocker & Yale P660

Reality check, you're not going to get Jessica Simpson playing out all your military fantasies for your amusement, but if this is your type of watch, you clearly yearn for a girl in uniform. Lean, tanned and toned, this lady will drop down and give you 20, er…push ups that is, whenever the mood takes. Just be careful what you say about her cooking, she might use you as target practice.

Bell & Ross BR02

Your choice of this fine watch suggests you want a high flyer, possibly with her head in the clouds, but with the ability to make your stomach turn somersaults with her dazzling cockpit control. The two of you can enjoy zipping, or indeed unzipping her jumpsuit, but if you forget her birthday or an anniversary, she might do a vertical take-off.

Casio G-Shock

And finally, every man's secret fantasy. The G-Shock lady. She wears skimpy shorts and a tight tee with leather holsters embracing her creamy thighs. Tough and reliable, depending on which model you choose she can be either delightfully easy to read, or just about unfathomable. One thing's for sure, she knows the time in every time zone, so don't try that one about working late in the office.

Any takers for the Watchuseek Match The Watch With The Woman Service?