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Horological Machine No.5 is back 'On the Road Again', with a new 'RT' limited edition in red gold. After the original HM5 in zirconium (2012), why is MB&F crafting another 66 pieces in gold? Well, check these three reasons:

  • Gold is highly resistant to corrosion; it conducts heat or electricity and reflects infrared radiation.
  • Gold is highly malleable: a single gram can be beaten into a sheet of 1m2.
  • Gold is precious: all the gold ever mined in human history would fit in a cube just 21m on each side...

But let's get to the point: the real reason MB&F is crafting this edition in red gold is... because they think it looks damn beautiful ! Wouldn't you agree ?

HM5 RT retains all the key features of HM5: a hand-finished automatic movement with bi-directional jumping hours; a vertical time display reflected and magnified by a sapphire crystal optical prism; 'light convector' flaps which allow to charge the super-luminova hour and minute discs.

To compensate for the higher weight of the external red gold case, MB&F modified the inner protective compartment from stainless steel to titanium.

So what is your verdict?

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