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Had no idea Michael Crichton was also into watches.

In many photos he can be seen wearing his Speedmaster:
Forehead Nose Watch Cheek Chin

Forehead Chin Tie Dress shirt Smile
Forehead Nose Chin Hand Watch

Clothing Forehead Watch Jeans Smile

From the '70s, Flightmaster
Forehead Hair Face Glasses Watch

His other Speedmaster (7A28-7040)
Forehead Watch Glasses Vision care Beard

In 2010, Antiquorum sold his "pre-explorer".
Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

They claim further: "Although the fact is not widely known, Michael Crichton was a passionate collector of watches, with a preference for vintage Rolex Sports models."

Has anyone more information about his collection?

PS, with the Oyster bracelet, I think Rolex.
Hand Arm Body jewelry Human body Material property

Forehead Hair Watch Face Nose

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Another photo, looks like a Navitimer with cal. 7750 / B13 inside. Photo from 1991.
View attachment 16843277

And surely “coincidental“ Hodinkee published on August 19, 4 days after this thread, an article about another Breitling, Michael Crichton appears to have owned for just a week…
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I have said many time before and I will say again.

A lot of content “creators” sign up as members of Watch U Seek and they lurk around to read and see interesting posts for their use.

A member here is a writer for Hodinkee. God knows how many more writers from blogs and main stream publications are here? Maybe even Ariel from a A blog to watch is here too.

We also know the dozens of YouTubers here who don’t post much but create videos discussing topics we are all discussing online here.

What I want to see at least is that those people who steal others’ ideas at least credit the member here who brought it up and name Watch U Seek as the source. Give credit where credit’s due.
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